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EDUC E-102 Introduction to Educational Technologies Fall 2006

My Assignments

Top Ten List
For this assignment we were required to select a topic related to technology, research the topic, and then choose the top ten web sites that we feel represent our topic. The topic I chose was Technology for Toddlers. My top 10 list is a compilation of web sites dedicated to introducing technology and computers to toddlers. This list represents the best examples in my view of how technology can be used effectively to integrate various examples of technology into early childhood education.

Inspiration Lesson Plan and Kidspiration Concept Map
For this assignment we were to design a lesson plan that invovled using Kidspiration software as a learning tool for students. Included with the lesson plan we created concept maps as an example of the kind of maps that we expected our students to create.

Pamphlet and PowerPoint Presentation
By using the same topic that was researched for the Top Ten List our assignment was to create a trifold pamphlet and five minute powerpoint slide presentation to present to the class. Both the pamphlet and powerpoint presentation were to aid in explaining and informing others about the chosen topic.

Self-Portrait Collage
For this assignment we were required to use Photoshop and incorporate a picture taken with a camera, an image found on the Internet, and something scanned. This assignment was and is my favorite. I learned to use a new program which gave me the opportunity to be creative and try new techniques. The following is my self-portrait collage.

Final Project Proposal
For the final project a one page proposal describing a technology-rich classroom project that we would like to develop had to be submitted. Within the proposal, detail and demonstration of how to integrate technology into learning environments was required. The topic I chose for my final project was a WebQuest about Amelia Earhart.

Final Project
For the final project a technology-rich classroom project aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks was required. The project had to be creative and actually work for either students or colleagues. Since the topic I chose for my final project was a WebQuest about Amelia Earhart, I decided to explore the theories that have surrounded her disapearance.

Online Disscussions

EssayFor the class essay we were instructed to chose one topic to write about. I chose to assess my progression in technology as described in the Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow Research article.