Rob Eveleigh's Portfolio

I created this Portfolio for the Harvard Extension School Course EDUC E-102: Introduction to Educational Technologies in the fall of 2006.

Personal Statement

The assignments that I completed for the course are presented below:

Top Ten List: This Top Ten List presents my most useful ten Web sites for information regarding accessibility.

Inspiration Lesson Plan and Graphic : This Lesson Plan incorporates the use of the graphic organizing software, Inspiration.

Pamphlet and PowerPoint: The Pamplet and PowerPoint Presentation were used to present "Accessible Technologies in Higher Education".

Photoshop Self-Portrait Collage: Each student generated a self-portrait collage using Photoshop.

Virtual Class Online Discussion Exerpts: Students in EDUC E-102 participated in 5 Virtual Class Online Discussions.

Final Project: My final project is a Web site (wiki) that presents Accessibilty Considerations for Instructors.

Graduate Essay: My Graduate Essay presents how the five phases of technology expertise in the Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow research article can be applied to my progress with technology, and also to my experiences with specific computer applications.

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