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Personal Statement

Welcome! My name is Sarah. I am a candidate for a Master's Degree in Educational Technologies at Harvard University. I work full time at the Kennedy School of Government as the Fellowship Coordinator at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. I plan to complete my master's part time over the next two years. After that time I would like to work in a technology-rich school or at the state level on public technology funding.

This site was created for Education E102. In this class I learned to critically examine the technologies I use everyday for educational purposes. Although I had used many of the programs before I entered this class, the instructors taught me new ways to incorporate them in a K-12 classroom environment and how to accurately assess the technology I was already using.

Top Ten List

Our first assignment in Educ 102 was to create a "Top Ten" list of Web sites that could be used as resources for integrating technology in to a chosen topic. I chose civic education and have kept with that topic throughout the semester. My Top Ten List for Integrating Technology into Civic Education consists of lesson plans, academic journal articles, and examples of student work which teachers could use as resources in their classroom planning. I found that civic education lends itself to the use of technology because these teachers are preparing their students for the expanding world around them for which the internet can be a valuable tool.

The Top Ten Internet Resources for Integrating Technology in to Civic Education

Inspiration® Lesson Plan

For this assignment we were tasked with designing a lesson plan for a teacher to use in a grade level and subject of our choice. The lesson plan had to include an assignment for the students involving Inspiration® software and an example of what our students would do during the lesson.

I created a unit for a 5th grade history class in Massachusetts. The students would design diagrams that showed the shared characteristics of the United States Constitution and the Articles of Confederation.

The United States Constitution and the Articles of Confederation

Pamphlet and PowerPoint Presentation

For this assignment I returned to the topic of integrating technology into civic education. I created a tri-fold pamphlet using Microsoft Word and a PowerPoint presentation to share my topic and top ten list with the class.

Pamphlet - Integrating Technology Into Civic Education
PowerPoint - How Can We Use Technology in Civic Education?

Self-Portrait Collage

I created this collage using Adobe Photoshop Elements. The photos are taken from the Web and a digital portfolio I had at home. I scanned a postcard with Jimmy Buffett lyrics, "Changes in Latitude Changes in Attitude" to make those words across the photo. I would consider myself an escapist. I love listening to Jimmy Buffett and relaxing at the beach. Most of these photos were taken in Maine during the summer time when I like to visit friends, fish, and swim in Little Sebago Lake. The bottom right picture was taken a few years ago at a friend's house in Parish, Florida.

Graduate Essay

This document is a planner's guide to implementing the No Child Left Behind "Part D - Enhancing Education Through Technology" in a K-12 school. I do not work in one particular school or classroom, so I developed a guide that would help an individual instructor who was tasked with developing their own implementation plan.

At first I had a hard time narrowing my thoughts on two single spaced pages. I decided to focus on professional development for teachers and adequate classroom tools. These are the foundation for appropriately implementing the Act's mission.

Implementing No Child Left Behind's Enhancing Education Through Technology, Act D

Final Project

For my final project I created a short term Webquest on the renewal of the United States Voting Rights Act. I wanted the students to answer an authentic question that had no right or wrong answer. The Webquest was written for two ninety minute class periods at a middle school; although the language could be adapted to elementary or high school. This activity could be done in a history, civics, government, or any social studies course.

Webquest on Voting Rights Act

Discussion Board Participation

During the semester students were required to participate in five discussions. Attached are my initial five discussion points and any additional comments I had about other students' posts.

Online Discussion Participation