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Chief of Staff

As the Senator's Chief of Staff, you are responsible for pleasing his constituency (the people he represents). How do you think they would want him to vote?

Use the following questions to guide your research:

There are no right or wrong answers. After you read the links below, decide how you will persuade your boss to vote yes or no.

United States Commission on Civil Rights' Executive Summary of Voting Irregularties in Florida in 2000

University of Illinois Professors Reflect on the Effects of the Voting Rights Act

The State Department - Voting in the United States

Voices from Civil Rights: Gustave Hulkower

Listen: National Public Radio June 27, 2006 "Voting Rights Act Renewed with Help of Big Business"

Public Opinion and the Civil Rights Movement

The Epoch Times, "Revisiting the 1965 Voting Rights Act"

"The American Promise" President Lyndon Johnson's Speech to Congress Following the Bloody Sunday march in Selma, Alabama


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