William Fash's Web Portfolio

William Fash's Web Portfolio

Hello and welcome, this is a portfolio of my work in Education 102 , Introduction to Educational Technologies.

I am completing this course as part of the MLA track in Educational Technologies at Harvard Extension School .

This course has been very useful and interesting for me and below I've compiled a brief library of my work and

learning experiences.

EDUC E-102 Introduction to Educational Technologies: Fall 2002 Projects

My projects are listed below in the following order:

Top Ten Websites

Power Point Presentation on Language Acquisition

Pamphlet on using Video and Multimedia in teaching languages

Inspiration Lesson Plan

Personal collage

Final Project

Final Essay

Top Ten Web Sites for Best practices in Language Instruction and Technology

These web sites are a list of some of the most complete resources online for using video and multimedia

to enhance teaching of a foreign language. The web sites are listed on our class Wiki

along with those of my classmates.

Power Point Presentation on Language acquisition and multimedia

This presentation is an overview of the benefits of using video and multimedia for language teaching

(it can apply to learners of a foreign language or a native language).

The presentation is a synopsis of my findings after building my Top Ten list of web sites

and gives a description of different ways in which multimedia and video resources help students.

Below is a screenshot of one of the slides.


This pamphlet outlines some elements of video and multimedia that are not talked about as much in the presentation.

The Pamphlet gives an overview of my Top Ten websites and the information they contain.

Below is a screenshot of one side of the pamphlet.

Inspiration Lesson Plan

This Science lesson plan is a unit for middle school and deals with the topic of acid rain,

it is an exercise to help students map out what they understand about acid rain.

The file also has a comparative framework included for reference.

Inspiration is a great mind mapping or thought mapping tool and can provide a useful means of helping

groups build ideas to see how much a group knows and where gaps in knowledge exist and can be improved.

Below is a screenshot of one of the elements in this lesson plan.

Personal Collage

This collage is a mix of different elements of my life and was set up as a video in Adobe Photoshop.

The size limit on this website makes it difficult to post and download

(it was over 40 megabytes when finished) so this is a screenshot of part of the video.

In it are various elements from Copan, Honduras, my Central American hometown

and also some elements of various places in the United States where I have lived.

My wife is in the photo with me holding her cat and

my parents are visible in the upper right and elewhere in the collage.

Final Project: Biology Web Quest

This web quest is a technology rich activity that involves exploration of human digestion.

In it students are instructed to work collaboratively to understand different elements of the digestive process.

They are directed to various web sites and asked to compile findings in a PB Wiki environment

and a Power Point presentation to share with classmates.

The activity is designed for two class periods and covers many areas of constructivist teaching design

while leveraging technology to accomplish more than could be done with pen and paper.

The more important pedagocial strategies in this activity include group work, research,

collaborative publishing and presentations, and asynchronous online work.

Strategies for Professional Development: The apple classroom of tomorrow

This is a short essay written to examine my progress in using technology and creative teaching.

The essay analyses my technique as relates to the Apple Classroom of Tomorrow guidelines.

In it I examine where I began when I entered the class, to what degree I've progressed over the course of the year,

and how far I hope to go to improve my teaching according to ACOT standards the following 12 months.

Thats all, I hope you've enjoyed the web site :-)